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SATU Presidents Forum 2008

    Serving as a platform for communication in Southeast and South Asia, the SATU Presidents’ Forum aims to enhance a better understanding and grasp on higher education in the region by inviting eminent university presidents to engage in academic exchange, to attain multinational and multiregional academic cooperation, and to increase communication frequency in the area while simultaneously working towards area integration of efforts pertaining to academia.

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    One of the most valuable conclusions reached during the 2008 SATU Presidents’ Forum is that multiple participation from varying fields should be the active and constructive basic for further cooperation. In the near future, SATU International Secretariat will focus on its’ role and functions, with the aim of becoming a distinct and irreplaceable organization within the Asia Pacific region.

    During the General Assembly held on Nov. 10th, details pertaining to steering committee elections as well as future development with the joining of India ware further explored. In order to actualize the following Forum Goals, participants were divided into various sessions for in-depth dialogue: 

- strengthening academic cooperation within Southeast and South Asia.

- accelerating internationalization through Academic and Cultural networking and cooperation.

- improving on the quality and quantity in education, research and community outreach.

- providing student/faculty/staff exchange programs.

- fostering academia-industry collaboration.

- focusing on economic, social, and environmental sustainable development.

    The 2006 Forum concluded that a university’s aim should have teaching, research, and service as the organization’s primary mission; the 2008 forum sessions were planned accordingly based upon the aforementioned conclusions. Increasing students’ professional appeal, industry-academic collaboration, and university autonomy and management, respectively, were the three sessions for the 2008 Forum. During the closing ceremony, “Enhancing University Students and Faculties Exchange and Cooperation Program” was declared, with the effort to increase international exchange and communication.

    Among the three topics explored during the 2008 SATU Presidents’ Forum, particular emphases was placed on Industry-Academia Collaboration, with the objective of international cooperation and forging alliances among universities. Moreover, to realize the organization’s mission and goals, member universities were invited to assume larger roles as session panelists by sharing their unique perspectives on the outstanding developments within an international channel. Visits to corporations such as South Taiwan Science Park and Chi Mei Optoelectronics were made to present industry-academic collaboration accomplishments, to gain further information and a better understanding, and to establish a firm foundation for further cooperation.


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