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2007 SATU Steering Committee

In order to realize the missions addressed in the 2006 Presidents’ Forum of Southeast Asia and Taiwan Universities (hence, SATU Presidents’ Forum) and to facilitate international cooperation and cross-cultural understanding among Forum members, Mahidol University and National Cheng Kung University co-organize the 2007 SATU Summit on Industry-Academia Collaboration and Business Plan Competition.

First, the aim of “SATU Summit on Industry-Academia Collaboration” is to create a venue for chief officers of outstanding multinational corporations (hence, MNCs) to share their experiences and insights in leading their business as well as the local economy into prosperity. Emphases on the role of top universities in facilitating the mentioned process should be appropriately strengthened during the discussions.

Moreover, the “Business Plan Competition” intends to provide students and entrepreneurs, local or transnational, the opportunity to work together and to turn innovative ideas into real business practices. The event also brings together the finest research and technology ideas from prominent universities and technological institutions in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Through the competition, more eligible graduates for business will be cultivated and stronger partnerships between academic research centers and entrepreneurial communities will be established.


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