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2004 "Organizing Meeting of SATU Presidents' Forum"

Time: November 6 ~ 9, 2005
Venue:Spring City Resort, Taipei, Taiwan


In recognizing the fact that Southeast Asia region has been facing various changes in economic, social, political, and educational structures, as well as the challenges of globalization, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) successfully organized the "Presidents' Forum of Southeast Asia Universities" in October 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan. Consensus reached in the Forum was that the higher education institutions in this region should set up a venue to improve the quality of higher education and to promote international academic cooperation. Therefore, a "Presidents'Forum of Southeast Asia and Taiwan Universities (SATU Presidents'Forum)" should be established as a continuous consortium of universities to foster the regional communications and collaborations.

Consequently, an organizing meeting of the SATU President's Forum was held on November 8, 2004 at NCKU to discuss the objectives, missions, organizations, annual programs and the financing resources of this Forum. As a result, the President of NCKU (currently Dr. Chiang Kao) was elected as chairman of both the Forum and the Steering Committee by the organizing committee. Further, the Secretariat has been formally set up at NCKU and headed by the Vice President of NCKU (currently Dr. Shan-Hwei Ou) as the Secretary General.


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