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2003 Presidents' Forum of Southeast Asia and Taiwan Universities

Time: October 17 ~ 23, 2003
Venue:Howard International House, Taipei, Taiwan


The information listed below is an abstract from the Mandarin Chinese version

In Southeast Asia, the last decade has presented unprecedented changes to all aspects of our societies: economically, politically, environmentally and culturally. Therefore, since universities are not only sanctuaries of knowledge, culture and technology but also important centers for the cultivation of a nation's resources, they are being called upon to respond and be accountable to those who look for leadership. The "Presidents' Forum of Southeast Asia Universities" was launched to accomplish this objective.

Topics of the Forum included:

1. The Impact of Globalization on Higher Education

2. The Position of Higher Education within the Regional and Multi-Cultural Framework

3. The Model of Regional Academic Cooperation and Communication

4. The Importance of International Organizations for the Global Cooperation of Higher Education

5. The Model of International Organizations to Enforce Global Cooperation among Southeast Asian Countries

6. Impact of Information Technology on Higher Education of the E-Generation

7. University-Industry Collaboration in Southeast Asia

8. Competitive and Cooperative Strategies of Higher Education

9. Cooperative Mechanisms of Higher Education

Furthermore, there are 5 panels that especially discussed the following subjects:

1. Issues on the Globalization of Higher Education in Southeast Asia

2. Issues on the Benchmarking of Higher Education in Southeast Asia

3. Issues on the Management of Higher Education in Southeast Asia

4. Regional Collaboration of Universities in Southeast Asia

5. Academic Cooperation in Southeast Asia


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