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About the Forum

Presidents' Forum of Southeast and South Asia and Taiwan Universities (abbr. SATU Presidents' Forum) is first held in 2003 to provide a venue for academics to share their valuable experiences, and as a result, the quality of higher education and international cooperation in the region could be improved.In year 2005,the International Secretariat of SATU Presidents' Forum was established at National Cheng Kung University to coordinate and promote related activities

SATU Membership Guideline

  • Eligibility
    Renowned universities of Southeast and South Asia countries and Taiwan who are interested in the development of building up the cooperation with other universities in these regions are eligible for membership in SATU Presidents’ Forum.

  • To Join SATU
    Send the request for membership of SATU to the International Secretariat. The annual Steering Committee meeting has full and final discretion to decide whether to admit a new member. Admission is approved upon the consent of the majority of Steering Committee members. When maters arise of necessity, the Committee can vote their decision through circulation of formal document.

  • Term of Membership
    Membership in SATU is biennial in its cycle, requiring payment of dues every other year. Membership term starts on January 1 of the year of renewing membership and expires on December 31 of the following year.

  • Membership Fee Due
    The biennial membership fee is USD 600. The International Secretariat will send notification of membership fee dues biennially. The payment of biennial dues shall constitute formal recognition of membership.

  • Membership Benefits
    • Membership benefits include voting in elections at the General Assembly or voting through correspondence.
    • Members of SATU are entitled to be elected to serve on the Steering Committee.
    • Members can participate in activities held by SATU without registration charges, including the SATU Intensive Program, Joint Research Scheme, fellowship programs, etc. Some activities are open to members only.
    • Travel expenses and/or accommodations for participants of SATU members to General Assembly and Steering Committee Meeting will be partly covered.
    • Various forms of support will be offered to member university scholars who participate in major SATU events.
    • With the consensus among Steering Committee, SATU International Secretariat will conduct surveys on academic information/activities of Member universities and circulate among Members and Observers.


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