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About the Forum

Presidents' Forum of Southeast and South Asia and Taiwan Universities (abbr. SATU Presidents' Forum) is first held in 2003 to provide a venue for academics to share their valuable experiences, and as a result, the quality of higher education and international cooperation in the region could be improved.In year 2005,the International Secretariat of SATU Presidents' Forum was established at National Cheng Kung University to coordinate and promote related activities





Amended on November 12, 2009
Amended on October 31, 2012


The organization is officially named "Presidents' Forum of Southeast and South Asia and Taiwan Universities," abbreviated as "SATU Presidents' Forum."


Br The objectives of SATU Presidents' Forum are :

  1. To strengthen academic cooperation among Taiwan and Southeast and South Asian countries.
  2. To foster internationalization through academic and cultural exchange and collaboration.
  3. To promote the quality of education, research and community services.
  4. To establish exchange programs for our universities’ students, faculty and administrative staff.
  5. To foster partnerships between industry and academia.
  6. To facilitate sustainability in economics, society and the environment.


  • Forum
    The Forum, with its objectives described in Article II, is chaired by the President of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan .
  • Steering Committee
    The Steering Committee provides leadership and guidance for the Forum. Members of the Steering Committee are elected by member universities or appointed by the SATU chair and serve a two-year renewable term. Chairperson of the Forum also serves as the Chair of the Steering Committee.
  • Secretariat The Secretariat, headed by the Secretary General and located at NCKU, runs the affairs of the Forum under direction of the Chairperson and the Steering Committee. It is responsible for internal and external communications of the Forum. The Executive Vice-President of NCKU acts as the Secretary General.


  1. Starting members include those universities that attended the 2003 "Presidents' Forum of Southeast Asia Universities."
  2. Additional members are to be nominated and approved by members of the Steering Committee.
  3. Criteria of membership:
    • Comprehensive university,
    • Technological and vocational institution with a high reputation and distinguished performance.
  4. Maintenance of membership: To support the development and efforts of the SATU Presidents’ Forum, membership fee of USD 600 is due biennially to maintain membership. Each member will receive a biennial notice concerning when membership is due to expire, specifying the means by which it can be renewed and the appropriate membership fee. The membership fee collection and notification will be administered by the International Secretariat.


The Forum will be held biennially. Presidents of member universities are invited to attend. The host university and topics of the Forum are to be decided in the meeting of Steering Committee. In the Forum, member universities also elect a new Steering Committee for the next tenancy.

Article VI: Steering Committee

  1. In addition to National Cheng Kung University, the permanent Chair member, the Steering Committee shall be composed of maximum 2 Presidents from each member country. In case of countries where there is only one member university, there shall only be one representative. It reviews the implementation of every agenda and program and initiates a new two-year calendar of events. A meeting of the Steering Committee will be held annually.
  2. Steering Committee members will hold their seats for a two-year term.
  3. The first member University of a country shall be elected by representatives from that country. Election shall occur during the General Assembly of the biennial SATU Presidents' Forum. Each voter shall write in two names. The university with the highest number of votes shall become the first member, provided the university accepts.
  4. The second member university of a country shall be appointed by the SATU Chair.
  5. Motions must be carried by at least two-thirds vote of the Steering Committee members.


Two sections are set under the Secretariat, namely Academic Exchange and Industry-Academia Collaborations, respectively. The duties of secretariat and each section are described as follows:

  1. Secretariat Affairs
    • Drafting the Forum's calendar of events
    • Raising funds and integrating resources
    • External communications
    • Updating and maintaining websites of the Forum
    • Arranging annual meetings, and the biennial SATU Presidents' Forum
    • Publishing annual reports
  1. Academic Exchange
    • Initiating bilateral academic agreements between member universities;
    • Coordinating and arranging joint research projects
    • Arrange faculty and student exchange programs;
    • Arranging student seminars and activities;
    • Coordinating and arranging short-term visits for students.
  1. Industry-Academia Collaboration
    • Coordinating industrial-academic cooperation projects,
    • Arranging industrial-academic workshops,
    • Coordinating and arranging student training programs,
    • Arranging two-way visits for industry and member universities.

Article VIII. Amendment

  1. Interpretation of the Constitution should be addressed by the Steering Committee.
  2. The Constitution may be adopted, annulled, or amended by affirmative votes of a majority of member universities at the General Assembly of Biennial Forum. Once the motion is passed and announced in the General Assembly, the changes are effective immediately.
  3. No such action shall be taken at the General Assembly  of Biennial Forum unless the change in the Constitution is proposed as follows:
    • By the Steering Committee,
    • By the Steering Committee as a consequence of an official letter cast by one-third of active members a month in advance,
    • By written request of two-thirds of active members at the General Assembly of Biennial Forum.




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