National Cheng Kung University,       Tainan, Taiwan

Sky Banquet

      A “Cloud Computing” banquet is scheduled to be held in Ali-Shan Mountain at an elevation of about 2500 meters, Participants can expect to experience the amazing “sea cloud” and “Sun rising”.
      For more information, please look at “Alishan National Scenic Area”.


Schedule of Sky Banquet

December 12


Leave Tainan


Lunch at Alishan Mountain


Sky Banquet

December 13


Sun Raising and See Cloud




Mountain Track






arriving in Chiayi Taiwan High Speed Rail Station


arriving in Hotel Tainan









Travel tips:

          The climate in Alishan does not change a lot. The average temperature is around 10 Celsius degrees, and the temperature can reach subzero three degrees in the coldest time in the winter. It is best to bring an extra coat, especially in mountainous regions that are over one thousand meters above sea level. It can get particularly cold at Alishan Forest Recreation Area at nighttime.

          One will often encounter stone steps in the Alishan region, so non-slip walking shoes would be most suitable. Dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, and slippers are not appropriate. It is recommended that one bring an umbrella. The Alishan region receives frequent rainfall. If you have a prescription or other pharmaceutical needs, please be prepared ahead of time. There are no convenience stores or pharmacies in the scenic area.

          Within the Alishan Scenic Area, roads are so curvy that some people might become carsick as a result, medicine for carsickness is recommended in this case. Some tourists can develop symptoms of mountain sickness even at a mountainous region that does not exceed 2,500 meters above sea level. When such symptoms develop, it is best to proceed to a lower level and let the body adjust.



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