Call for Papers

The IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) is the world's premier networking forum of leading researchers in the highly active fields of theory, design and implementation of circuits and systems.

ISCAS 2009, sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and supported by the National Cheng Kung University will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from May 24 to 27, 2009. The Symposium will focus on circuits and systems for Human Centric Smart Living Technologies, including mobile communications, multimedia systems, sensor interface, and biosystems.

The ISCAS 2009 will include oral, poster, and live demo sessions; tutorials given by experts in state-of-the-art topics; and special sessions, with the aim of complementing the regular program with topics of particular interest to the circuits and systems community that cut across and beyond disciplines traditionally represented at ISCAS. Prospective authors are invited to submit papers including technical novelties and tutorial overviews on circuits and systems topics including but not limited to:

• Analog Signal Processing
• Live Demonstrations of Circuits and Systems
• Biomedical Circuits and Systems
• Multimedia Systems and Applications
• Blind Signal Processing • Nanoelectronics and Gigascale Systems
• Cellular Neural Networks and Array Computing • Neural Systems and Applications
• Circuits and Systems for Communications • Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
• Computer‐Aided Network Design • Power Systems and Power Electronic Circuits
• Digital Signal Processing • Sensory Systems
• Graph Theory and Computing • Visual Signal Processing and Communications
• Life‐Science Systems and Applications • VLSI Systems and Applications

The potential authors for regular papers, live demos, tutorials, and special sessions please visit conference website and click the corresponding icons for details. For regular sessions, authors are invited to submit 4-page Full Papers according to posted guidelines. If the papers belong to Live Demonstrations, the authors should provide one additional demo requirement page along with the 4-page paper for regular technical tracks during the submission. Only electronic submissions will be accepted via the Web at: At least one author of each paper MUST register for the Symposium by 13 February 2009 for papers to be included in the program. Authors are expected to present their papers at the Symposium.

Best Student Paper Contest: ISCAS 2009 will sponsor a student paper contest. To qualify, a student or group of students must be the primary author(s). The submissions for the student paper contest should be clearly indicated. The papers will be judged based on both content and presentation.

Social Activities: Besides the technical program, a very entertaining social program is planned. Special tours to tourist attractions will be available to the Symposium attendees and their guests.