Final Submission Guidelines

Please refer to final.


Manuscript Guidelines







The font to use is Times New Roman, size 10 point.



Single spacing will be used.



Maximum 14 pages.

Page layout


The text area should measure 12.5 x 19.0 cm.

Title page


Title should be printed in bold upper case, size 12 pt, beginning at 2cm from the top margin of the printed area. After one line centre the author's name, next business affiliation, complete address, size 10 pt. A short abstract and the keywords will follow.



Five from general to specific topics.

Main Text


the main text should follow immediately below the keywords after two blank lines with one column layout, size 10 pt. Sections of the papers will start after one blank line with a major heading.

Major Headings


They are typed in upper case.



They are typed in upper and lower case.



All paragraphs and headings begin at the left margin.



List and order all bibliographical references at the end of the paper. For citation within the text type reference number in square brackets or type the authors' names and year of publication within brackets.

Figures and Tables


They are included within the text and are numbered with a short centered caption in Italic. Leave one line space above and below. Photographs should be included as black and white glossy prints and pasted onto pages.



Type the equations and enclose the equation number in parentheses at the right margin.

Page number and identification


Do not number the pages; name the pdf file with the name of the first author.

File format


Send pdf file to the Chair of HMM08 by e-mail. If you are not able to prepare a pdf file please contact the Chair of HMM08.


Click below for a pdf or word file of the sample paper or ask for it to the HMM08 Secretary.

hmmsamplepaper.doc                     hmmsamplepaper.pdf