General Information

All participants are invited to submit abstract for oral or poster presentation. Please see the themes for abstract submission as below and download the abstract template on the website.


(There is a template on the registration system as well.)

Abstract template download

Themes for abstract submission
1. Ageing
2. Alternative medicine
3. Bioengineering
4. Control of cardiovascular functions
5. Computational physiology
6. Environmental physiology
7. Epithelial physiology
8. Exercise physiology and respiration
9. Gastrointestinal physiology
10. Herbal medicine
11. Hypoxia
12. Ion channel
13. Metabolism and endocrinology
14. Mitochondrial function
15. Nervous system
16. Physiological education
17. Redox signaling
18. Renal physiology
19. Sensory and motor physiology
20. Signal transduction in cell physiology
21. Stem cell
22. Synaptic transmission, learning and memory
23. Systemic and integrative physiology
24. Vascular physiology
25. Others