1.Nanotechnology and Microsystems


  Nanotechnology, emerging from nanoscience and nanoengineering is expected to lead the next industrial revolution through the 21st century. It is tiny, on the scale of one billionth of a meter (nano-meter or nm), yet its impact on our life will be tremendous. It is expected to change everything from agriculture to medicine and from electronics to mechanics. Nanometer scaled devices are imagined to be the smallest and fastest computer, smart and potent medicine, and self-replicating machines. Two approaches are being adopted to fabricate these devices. The top-down process is such as to shrink the MEMS to NEMS and the bottom-up approach is achieved by synthesizing nano- parts via self-assembly process.

  There is an intense interest in Nanotechnology stemming from the fact that developed countries and visionary businesses are rushing to invest and taking a leading position in. Additionally this vast frontier technology is open to chemists, physicists, molecular biologists, material scientists, engineers and literally anyone with new ideas and desires to explore and discover. If you have a thirst for exploration and wish to make your mark in science history, join us to learn more, make contacts, and share ideas with other experts in this brand new field.