Oral Paper Accepted List

A. Condensed Matter Physics
OA-004  Simulation of Thin SiO2 Layer Growth and Evaporation using Lattice Monte Carlo Model
Nataliya Shwartz, Alexandr Karpov, Stanislav Usenkov, Zoya Yanovitskaya  
OA-005  Realistic Modeling of Complex Oxide Materials
Igor Solovyev 
OA-006  Ground State Properties of Hard-core Bosons on an Anisotropic Triangular Lattice
Yung-Chung Chen, Kwai-Kong Ng  
OA-007  Time-dependent Magnetotransport in Open Semiconductor Nanostructures via the Generalized Master Equation
Vidar Gudmundsson, Chi-Shung Tang, Cosmin Gainar, Valeriu Moldoveanu, Andrei Manolescu 
OA-009  An Advanced First-principles Band Theory for Strong-correlated Materials: Study of Superconducting Oxides
Alessio Filippetti, Vincenzo Fiorentini  
OA-011  Temporal Response of Nonequilibrium Correlated Electrons
Brian J. Moritz, Thomas P. Devereaux, James K. Freericks  
OA-012  Definitions of Valence-bond Entanglement Entropy
Yu-Cheng Lin, Anders Sandvik  
OA-013  Numerical Study of the Relaxation Dynamics of Excited States in a Spin-electron Coupled System
Nobuo Furukawa, Wataru Koshibae, Naoto Nagaosa  
OA-019  Impurity Driven Spin Polarized Conductance in Gold Nanojunctions
Chao-Cheng Kaun, Arijit Sen   
OA-022  Excitonic Effects in the Optical Properties of SiC Sheet
Hung-Chung Hsueh, Guang-Yu Guo, Steven G. Louie 
OA-023  First-Principles Study of Polarizability Distributions for LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Superlattices
Shoji Ishibashi, Kiyoyuki Terakura 
OA-025  Exploring the Interaction between the Boron Nitride Nanotube and Biological Molecules
Chih-Kai Yang 
OA-026  Spin Liquid in the Hubbard Model on the Honeycomb Lattice
Stefan Wessel, Zi Yang Meng, Thomas C. Lang, Fakher F. Assaad, Alejandro Muramatsu 
OA-028  Dynamical Approach to Ballistic Transport in Graphene
Meir Lewkowicz, Baruch Rosenstein, Hsien Chong Kao, Evgenij Kornijenko 
OA-033  First Principles Study of Electronic and Effective Mass of Carriers in Alloys In2O3 Transparent Conductors
Hossein Asghar Rahnamaye Aliabad, Seyeed Mohammad Hosseini 
OA-036  Assessing the Accuracy of Projected Entangled-pair States on Infinite Lattices
Bela Bauer, Guifre Vidal, Matthias Troyer 
OA-037  Electromechanical Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes in Torsion via Tight-binding Objective Molecular Dynamics
Traian Dumitrica, Dong-Bo Zhang, Richard James 
OA-039  Full Counting Statistics of Quantum Point Contact with Time-dependent Transparency
Jin Zhang, Y. Sherkunov, N. Ambrumeni, B. Muzykantskii   
B. Atom, Molecules and Optics (AMO)
OB-002  Long-range Surface Magnetoplasmon on Thin Plasmon Film with Voigt Configuration
Yung-Chiang Lan 
OB-003  Computational Aspects of Relativistic Coupled-cluster Theory Applied to Atomic Property Calculations
Latha KVP, Dilip Angom, Das B.P., Debashis Mukherjee 
OB-004  Applications of the Relativistic Equation of Motion to Photoionization of Al^+, Si^{2+}, and P^{3+}
Keh-Ning Huang, Ju-Tang Hsiao 
OB-005  Accurate Parametric Force Field for an Oxygen Molecule Near a Closed Carbon Surface
Ilya Valuev 
OB-006  Anti-reflective Properties of Pyramidally Textured Surface
Alexei Deinega, Ilya Valuev, Boris Potapkin  
OB-007  Doubly Excited Resonance States of Two-electron Systems in Exponential Cosine-screened Coulomb Potentials
Arijit Ghoshal, Yew Kam Ho  
OB-011  Three-dimensional Simulation of Femto-second Pulsed Laser Interacting with a Nitrogen Molecule
Yun-Min Lee, Tsin-Fu Jiang, Zheng-Yao Su, Jong-Shinn Wu 
OB-014  Atomistic Thermoelectric Refrigerator: First-principles Calculations
Yu-Chang Chen, Yu-Shen Liu 
OB-015  An Exquisite Analysis of the Near-field Around Silver Nanorings
Sheng Chung Chen, Jr Chau Shiu, Chun Tien Chang
OB-016  Vortices Reconnection in a Non-uniform Bose-Einstein Condensate
Tzyy-Leng Horng, Shih-Chuan Gou 
OA-024  Coupled Dynamics of Electron Quasiparticles, the Electromagnetic Field, and Nuclear Motion in Complex Systems
Roland Allen, Meng Gao, Chenwei Jiang, Zhibin Lin, Xiang Zhou 
OA-032  Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of Mott Transitions in Flavor Mixtures of Ultracold Fermions On Optical Lattices
Nis Bluemer, Elena Gorelik 
C. Plasma/ Space Physics-16
OC-001  Particle-in-Cell Simulation of a Hall thruster
Hui Liu, Daren Yu 
OC-002  Energetic Particle Transport by Microturbulence
Wenlu Zhang, Zhihong Lin, Liu Chen, Viktor Decyk  
OC-003  Relativistic Theory of Mode Conversion at Plasma Frequency
J. Y. Hsu 
OC-009  Modeling of Steam Plasma Flow in Non-Transferred Well-Type Torch
Shiu-Wu Chau, Shao-Yang Lu  
OC-011  Cluster Magnetic Fields from Active Galactic Nuclei
Paul Sutter, Paul Ricker, Hsiang-Yi Yang 
OC-012  Plasmonic Focusing and collimation of Light beyond the Conventional Limit of Diffraction
Kuan-Ren Chen 
OC-013  Development of an Implicit Solver of Fluid Modeling Equations for Gas Discharges
Chieh-Tsan Hung, Yuan-Ming Chiu, Feng-Nan Hwang, Jong-Shinn Wu 
OC-016  Effect of Plasma Chemistry on the Simulation of Helium Atmospheric-pressure Plasmas
Yuan-Ming Chiu, Chieh-Tsan Hung, Feng-Nan Hwang, Jong-Shinn Wu 
OC-019  Dynamic Conductivity of Dense Quantum Plasma in Wigner Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
Pavel Levashov, Vladimir Filinov, Michael Bonitz, Vladimir Fortov  
OC-020  Study of Proton Acceleration in Laser Pulse Interaction with a Proton Coated Aluminum Target via 2D PIC Simulation
Hossein Abbasi, Farzaneh Abolmaali  
OC-022  Development of a Semi-Implicit Fluid Modeling Code using Finite-volume Method based on Cartesian Grids
Matthew Smith, Chieh-Tsan Hung, Kun-Mo Lin, Jong-Shinn Wu, Jen-Perng Yu 
OC-024  Numerical Simulation of Nitrogen Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas
Chengche Hsu, Mien-Win Wu, Chi-Fong Ai  
OC-026  A Multi-level Jacobian-free Method for 2D Four-field Extended MHD with Optimized Adaptive Meshes
Xuefei Yuan, David Keyes, Steve Jardin 
OC-027  High-performance Computing with VORPAL for Electromagnetic Interactions: Laser-plasma Interactions, Cavities, and Photonics
John Cary 
OC-028  Simulation of Anomalous Transport in Tokamaks using the FACETS code
Alexei Pankin, John Cary, Alex Pletzer, Scott Kruger, Ammar Hakim
ON-003  Accurate Numerical Simulation of Two-dimensional Motion of Paramagnetic Particles Subjected to a Uniform Magnetic Field
Yong Kweon Suh 
D. High Energy Physics
OD-001  Distributed Computing in Pacific Asia for the CDF Experiment
Suen Hou, T.L. Hsieh  
E. Quantum Information Science (QIS)
OE-001  Optimal Control of the Silicon-based Donor-Electron-Spin Quantum Computing
Dong-Bang Tsai, Po-Wen Chen, Hsi-Sheng Goan 
OE-002  Fidelity 0f States of Two Spin-1/2 Particles in Moving Frames
Bahram Nasr Esfahani, Fatemeh Ahmadi, Mehdi Ahmadi 
OE-005  Entanglement under RG Transformation on States and some Applications in Quantum Phase Transitions
Tzu-Chieh Wei 
OE-006  Full Quantum Computing by Accessing only Two Qubits
Koji Maruyama, Daniel Burgarth, Michael Murphy, Simone Montangero, Tommaso Calarco 
OE-009  Construction of Additive Quantum Codes
Wei-Chi Su
OE-011  Quantum Dynamics of the Duffing Model for Qubit Readout
Alec Maassen van den Brink, Shu-Hao Yeh, Dong-Bang Tsai 
F. Complex Systems - Statistical Physics
OF-003  Efficient Cluster Algorithm for Molecular Self-assembly
Arijit Bhattacharyay, Alessandro Troisi  
OF-006  Compression of a Paste
Robert Botet, Bernard Cabane 
OF-008  Event-Driven MD Simulation of Swimming in Sand
Takashi Shimada, Nobuyasu ITO, Hans J. Herrmann 
OF-011  Geometry of Domain Walls in Disordered 2d Systems
Heiko Rieger, Karsten Schwarz, Andreas Karrenbauer, Gregory Schehr 
OF-013  Molecular Dynamics Simulations of a Thermoelectric Engine
Atsushi Kamimura, Giulio Casati, Nobuyasu Ito  
OF-017  Extremum Statistics in the Fitness Model
Chi-Ning Chen, Yu-Shin Hsieh, Chi-Yong Lin, Shieh-Yi Lyu 
G. Complex Systems - Biological Physics
OG-002  Electronic Structure of the Potassium Channel Protein
Fabio Pichierri 
OG-007  Modeling Genome Growth based on Statistical Properties of whole Genome
Wen-Lang Fan, Hoong-Chien Lee, Sing-Guan Kong, Hong-Da Chen, Li-Ching Hsieh 
OG-008  Dynamics of Red Blood Cells and Fluid Vesicles in Flows
Hiroshi Noguchi, Gerhard Gompper 
OG-010  Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Protein-Folding Simulations by Clustering Conformational Ensemble
Chun-Ping Yu, Hoong-Chien Lee  
OG-013  Simulation of a Bio-polymer Translocation through a Nano-pore in the Presence of an Explicit Solvent
Suresh Alapati, Sangmo Kang, Yong Kwoen Suh  
H. Complex Systems - Nonlinear Physics
OH-002  Quantum Fidelity and Dynamical Scar states on Chaotic Billiard System
Mitsuyoshi Tomiya, Hiroyoshi Tsuyuki, Shoichi Sakamoto 
OH-008  Wavelet Regularization of the Incompressible Euler Equations for Solving Navier-stokes Equations in the Fully-developed Turbulent Regime
Marie Farge, Romain Nguyen Van Yen, Kai Schneider 
OH-011  Constructive Role of Stochasticity in Biochemical Networks
Yao-Chen Hung, Chin-Kun Hu 
I. Complex Systems - Bio-Material
OI-003  The Comparative Role of Different Physical Interactions in RNA Folding: Insight from Lattice Simulations
Shura Hayryan, Chin-Kun Hu, Karen Sargsyan 
J. Physics Education
OJ-001  Computational Physics at Undergraduate Level in Developing Countries and Its Challenges
Chandrakant Sheth 
OJ-002  Visualization of Hydrogen Atom Wavefunctions
Joan Adler, Joey Fox, Or Cohen  
L. New Methods/New Facilities - GPU Supercomputing
OL-004  GPU Acceleration of 3D FDTD Solver applying the Optimization Rules of CUDA Programming
Ki-Hwan Kim, KyoungHo Kim, Q-Han Park  
OL-005  GPU Accelerated Thermodynamics-guided Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulations
YI DING, Martin Kröger, Hans Christian Öttinger  
M. New Methods/New Facilities - Algorithms
OM-002  Diagrammatic Monte Carlo Simulation of Non-equilibrium Systems
Philipp Werner, Takashi Oka  
OM-004  Development of a Variational Path Integral Molecular Dynamics as a Novel Quantum Monte Carlo Method
Shinichi Miura 
OM-005  Advances in Long-range Corrected Hybrid Functionals
Jeng-Da Chai, Martin Head-Gordon 
OM-006  A Rigorous Monte Carlo Approach to Assessing Convergence of Monte Carlo Algorithms
James Gubernatis, Brenda Rubenstein, Jummie Dol 
OM-007  An Automatically Tracing Algorithm for Spatial Analysis of Antennal Lobe Local Neurons in Drosophila
Nan-yow Chen, Nan-Yow Chen, Maxwell Meng-Fu Shih, Ann-Shyn Chiang, Ting-Kuo Lee 



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